Reflection: Organizational Systems Designing an Eco-friendly Building Part 2 - Section 1: Design Solutions


Sharing takes on a different role in engineering. Collaboration is the key to finding the best idea. If someone says that they can get rid of a natural gas furnace and put in a geo-thermal system, everyone benefits. In engineering, designs can be mutually beneficial. I teach the difference between collaboration and cheating in my movie Cheating vs. Collaboration

Diversity becomes important when sharing. I ask students, "Do you think the ideas between you and your best friend will be the same or different?" Students almost always say, "The same!" I challenge them to find someone who thinks differently. "Why do you think its important to share with someone NOT like you?" Students understand that the design solutions may be different because of the diversity.

  Sharing Strategies
  Organizational Systems: Sharing Strategies
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Designing an Eco-friendly Building Part 2

Unit 6: Designing for the Future: Eco Friendly Building
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create solutions for the design problem: How do we design an eco-friendly home?

Big Idea: What do we know about eco-friendly building? This lesson allows students to research eco-friendly components as students determine the best solution an authentic design problem.

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