Reflection: Flexibility Planning Wormy Experiments - Section 5: Envision and recap


My class has been learning about worms for two weeks. In previous units I had introduced the idea of designing our own experiments. I thought it was time to have them do it on their own this time with limited coaching from me.

I thought this would be a challenge for my kids, but I was surprised to discover that the kids were able to design experiments in their minds with little strife; it was only the written format that threw them off.  I took that opportunity to have them design the two experiments while I guided the recording of it on chart paper. I did this through questioning (e.g. What do you think we should write first?)

The finished product was magnificent! The kids had designed two viable kindergarten appropriate experiments that any class could follow. I reassured the class that they could make changes to the experiment as they conduct it just in case they missed a step.

  To my surprise, not how I thought it would go
  Flexibility: To my surprise, not how I thought it would go
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Planning Wormy Experiments

Unit 4: What's with the wiggling?
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Objective: SWBAT draft experiments by trying to find ways to answer two questions about worms.

Big Idea: Young children can be successfully introduced to answering questions through designing experiments by using guiding questions.

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