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I have posed students with this fill-in-the-blank problem before, however, a nagging thought would enter my brain: “if students write a correct term, are they simply guessing correctly?  If students write a wrong term, what do they really know about the property at hand?”  I always liked the spirit of the question, yet I felt I was not getting enough insight about students’ understanding about these properties.


This year, I decided to alter the problem, redesigning it so it required a sketch of the special quadrilateral and its featured property.  What I saw was an increase in the number of correct answers (now justified with a well-labeled sketch!), and what I gained was a jumping off point for rich and powerful discussions with students.  For example, there were times when students would have a correct sketch, but an incorrect term in the blank—this discrepancy gave the particular student the opportunity to discuss why this mismatch existed (perhaps a confusion around the symbols the student used?) and helped them realize the value of attending to precision and being metacognitive in their work.

  A Scaffold that Encourages Students to Show What They Know
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: A Scaffold that Encourages Students to Show What They Know
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Discovering and Proving Polygon Properties Unit Assessment

Unit 8: Discovering and Proving Polygon Properties
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Objective: Students will be able to solve problems and write proofs by applying their understanding of polygon properties.

Big Idea: In this assessment, students take on a variety of questions--true/false, fill in the blank, problem solving, proof--to demonstrate their understanding of polygon properties.

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Math, Geometry, parallel lines, angles, polygons (Determining Measurements), complex figures, polygon properties
  60 minutes
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