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When conducting conferences while students are working, I target specific students first to ensure that I have time to speak with them. I try to speak with the students who I know are having difficulty first. Speaking with students provides me with the opportunity to better determine their level of understanding on a topic.  Conference times allow me to check in with these struggling students and help provide them with study tips, additional information for their notes, or assistance for creating mnemonics to better remember information.

For this particular lesson, some students may finish the initial simulation early. I selected the karyotype activity as an extension to the initial purpose of the lesson because it provides students with a visual anchor for the definition of karyotype.  

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  Intervention and Extension: Conferencing with Students
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Online DNA Extractions

Unit 4: Genetics
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify the key steps to DNA extractions as well as the equipment necessary to complete the process.

Big Idea: So your science lab doesn't look like the one on CSI? Use an online simulation to help your students understand the process of DNA extraction.

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Science, DNA Structure and Function, Genetics, translation (DNA), mutation, DNA extraction, DNA, transcription (DNA)
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online extraction
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