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One of my goals this year is to increase the student to teacher talk ratio in my class. I try to limit my total talking time within one 90 minute lesson to 20 minutes, asking other students to explain and review topics we learn in class. When I taught this lesson this year I decided to introduce the box method only to students who seemed to need the visual organization, thus minimizing my talking time at the front of the room. Instead, I introduced the term “distribute” and then showed students an example of a set of word problems. These are included in the alternate worksheet resource within this reflection. I showed them how to distribute using these examples and then replaced one of the numbers with a variable, reviewing the distribution steps once again with algebraic terms. Then, I split the class up into 2 groups: 1 would practice independently or in groups of their choice, the other would learn a new visual strategy for distributing with me.

When selecting the students who would work with me and the visual organizer, I made sure to select students who struggle to participate due to lagging skills. The plan was to teach them the strategy through the use of multiple examples. I then asked them to pair up with other students who did not know the strategy yet and teach it to them.

I also added a competition piece by explaining that pairs would earn points based on their exit tickets that day. It was a great way to encourage cooperative learning in class. It also allowed students who do not often get an opportunity to shine to feel special in teaching something to another teammate. 


  Student Grouping: Alternate C-Notes Activity
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Distributive Property

Unit 3: Expressions and Equations - The Basics
Lesson 4 of 23

Objective: SWBAT distribute positive integers to simplify expressions by working in randomly assigned pairs.

Big Idea: Students are randomly assigned to groups to distribute positive numbers

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