Reflection: Student Ownership Boiling and Freezing Points Lesson 3: Blow It Up With Butane! - Section 3: Connecting to the Essential Question: What are you going to learn today?


Early in my teaching career, I would put the Essential Question on the board.  At the beginning of the unit, I would refer to it.  I knew my administrator would be looking for it and I knew that research showed that Essential Questions were valuable for student learning.  However, it wasn't until a few years in that I realized that simply putting it on the board isn't enough.  Developmentally for middle school students, they need to connect to it on a daily basis.  While it might seem repetitive to ask the students what they are supposed to be learning every day, from my experience, that is what they need to really make connections.  It doesn't take that long and it really pays off.  Students start each day right with me in terms of our goals for learning.  By saying it daily, students really start connecting to the question and can see connections in every lesson.  With this clear goal, their focus and learning improves!

  Connecting to the Essential Question: Do it everyday!
  Student Ownership: Connecting to the Essential Question: Do it everyday!
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Boiling and Freezing Points Lesson 3: Blow It Up With Butane!

Unit 4: Physical Properties: Molecular Arrangement and Phase Changes
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Objective: Students will be able to explain how solutes and pressure affect the boiling/freezing points of liquids and be able to describe the energy transfer that occurs during phase changes.

Big Idea: These lessons have text strategies, writing instruction, discussion techniques, and science content! Students blow up a bag with butane, make water boil at 50 degrees, and make water freeze instantaneously as they explore physical properties!

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Science, boiling point (Chemistry), Solute, Mixtures and Solutions, dissolving, freezing point (Mixtures and Solutions), Freezing, boiling, Matter and its Properties, Polymer / Industrial / Environmental Chemistry, Boiling Points, physical properties, middle school, endothermic, exothermic, pressure, discussions, discourse, evaporation, Scientific Literacy, molecule
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blow it up with butane
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