Reflection: Data Analysis Multiplying with Decimals - Section 6: Closure and Ticket to Go


Looking at students’ work on this ticket to go showed me the different stages my students were at in multiplying decimals.  I grouped students in the following categories:

Novice: These students struggled with basic multiplication facts and working with decimals.  Some of these students are only comfortable using the box method for multiplication.  This method works best with smaller whole numbers.  This student in particular was able to multiply the numbers but didn’t understand where the decimal point needed to go.  It seems like this student made her estimate after she did the work and picked a round number that was near her answer, rather than using her number sense to make an estimate first.  These students need extra instructional time to learn the traditional method of multiplication and how to use it with decimals. Unit 2.3 Student Work N.jpeg

Approaching Mastery:  These were able to multiply using decimals, but only inconsistently.  Most of these students were able to correctly find the product of problem one.  The problem came with where to put the decimal point in problem 2.  Most of these students incorrectly answered 0.35 instead of 0.035.  Most of these students were able to make reasonable estimates. Unit 2.3 Student Work AM.jpeg

Proficient: These students were able to use the traditional algorithm to multiply decimals and they were able to make reasonable estimates.Unit 2.3 Student Work P.jpg

For this situation, I did not include an “advanced” category because the content did not require students to explain or analyze their work.   Most of my students fell in the Approaching Mastery and Proficient categories.   I will review the common mistakes in the next lesson, Multiplying with Decimals Day 2.  For the novice students I will find time to work on the traditional algorithm with them.

  Data Analysis: Ticket to Go Reflection
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Multiplying with Decimals

Unit 2: The College Project - Working with Decimals
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: SWBAT: • Make estimates of multiplication problems involving decimals • Multiply multi-digit decimals together

Big Idea: How do you multiply decimals? Where does the decimal point go? Students work on answering these questions and developing an algorithm for multiplying decimals.

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Math, Decimals, Number Sense and Operations, multiplication, 6th grade, master teacher project
  60 minutes
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