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Altruism and egocentrism..all tied up in the same pint size package of our student.  Many of my students are already familiar with the terms ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’, and ‘Recycle’.  The problem is that when important concepts like this are taught without context or practice, they become singsong terms that are just repeated without thought.  I was very purposeful in this lesson when I used two important strategies- connect the concept to the student themselves (egocentrism- use it!) and resource collection (altruism- use that too!).  Kindergarten students do have a tendency to think about themselves.  Yet, they also love to help.  What better way to help them transition their motivation from extrinsic  (how others see them) to intrinsic (how others see themselves) than to teach them to care about the Earth and put them to work helping it?  Since this is the last explicitly taught lesson in this unit, I wanted to give them a way to pull together the idea that they have a responsibility to do their part to help the planet.  The active collection, sorting, and explaining piece of this lesson gave them an opportunity to better understand their part and see the effects of their efforts in the long term health of the Earth. 

  Looking Inward..and Out
  Intrinsic Motivation: Looking Inward..and Out
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Give and Get-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Remind!

Unit 8: Guardians of the Ground
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will collect materials and find alternatives to trash to practice recycling.

Big Idea: Why is it important to keep things out of the landfill?

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