Reflection: Student Ownership Electromagnetic Investigations - Day 2 - Section 3: Electromagnetics Investigation Time


I noticed that today's work was remarkably effective. Students seemed energized, they were on task, and they made terrific use of time. As students obtained results, they checked in with me to see if the data should be shared for the end of class. In virtually every case, I encouraged them to prepare a short presentation. 

At the end of class, no less than four groups were ready to show their results. Teams raced to the Smartboard, took over its control, and quickly electronically located their data. Teams made 1-minute presentations of their data and graphs, then successfully answered the question: "How does this data support the Big Idea?" 

I think that this went well because of an ongoing classroom culture that has students active, that promotes problem-solving, that encourages self-direction, and that celebrates good work. These are all clearly worthwhile goals while also, just as clearly, not about content but process and, therefore, take time to develop. I am hopeful that today's success is the product of several months of developing a classroom culture with those attributes.

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Electromagnetic Investigations - Day 2

Unit 4: Electromagnetics
Lesson 9 of 17

Objective: Students will continue to explore a variety of electromagnetic phenomenon.

Big Idea: It is important to balance theory with observation - particularly, as is the case with electromagnetics, when the theory is not intuitive.

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