Reflection: Station Rotation It's All in the Media....Penguins are Everywhere!! - Section 4: Day Two


The majority of my lessons are delivered in the same format and I really wanted to try a different approach to lesson delivery.  I do believe it is important to have routine and structure for young students.  However, every now and again, it doesn't hurt to shake things up a bit.  Especially, if it is a format that can be utilized again and again interspersed within the regular teaching.  

Back in the Alpine Unit, I brought this strategy in with the lesson on Bears Coming to Visit.  That lesson happened quickly because the tools landed in my lap one day.  I pulled the lesson together quickly and did not put as much time into the actual planning of the delivery of the workshop.  The children did a fantastic job working where I told them to go each time we changed.  Mostly, I believe because they are accustomed to our Reading and Writing Rotation in the morning learning time.  

I knew it was successful and I wanted to do it again, but also wanted it to be much more organized rather than my quickly scribbling on a piece of paper where each team would go.  I use a wheel system during my reading and writing block and knew this would be the solution so I created a wheel with my Smart Board software.  I wanted to be able to save the wheel and save myself some wall space.  Every elementary teacher knows that wall space is hot commodity and  I have very little space left.  

I was pleased with how well it worked and the children adapted quite easily to where and what they were supposed to do during the two days.  

  Using the Workshop Approach
  Station Rotation: Using the Workshop Approach
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It's All in the Media....Penguins are Everywhere!!

Unit 5: Unit 5 - The Science of the Polar Regions
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT gather research about penguins utilizing various resources.

Big Idea: Research can take on many formats. Practicing to use the various forms can be exciting, perplexing and fun all at the same time.

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