Reflection: Intervention and Extension Comparing Linear Combinations in Ax +By= C to y=mx +b - Section 2: Guided Notes


I assigned the Khan Academy section on x and y-intercepts from the 8th grade curriculum. I gave students a due date later in the year, considering their work load and the importance of continual practice for the assessments. The assigned section was titled Two-Variable Linear Equations and Functions, with the subheading x and y-intercepts.  I assigned the 4 videos, and the two practices on finding the x and y-intercept from an equation and from a graph.  

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My students had already viewed one of the videos during today's lesson.  A second video also explains how to find the x and y-intercept from a table.  The practice assignments were helpful for both remediation and extension. Since I can view the students' progress completing the two practices using Khan Academy (as their coach) I gain helpful information about their work with little investment of my time.  

Most of my students do have access to an internet capable computer at home. I have also made arrangements for some of my students to use resources in school to complete the assignment. At the end of the day, I still will take the time to give students a written assignment if all else fails. While I think that the experience using technology is helpful for my students, my most important priority remains helping them learn to think with the linear function concepts.

  Intervention and Extension: Khan Academy for remediation of skills
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Comparing Linear Combinations in Ax +By= C to y=mx +b

Unit 3: Linear Functions
Lesson 9 of 20

Objective: SWBAT write linear combinations in the form Ax + By= C, then rewrite the equation in slope-intercept form using appropriate methods.

Big Idea: Recognizing the mathematical structure of a context involving a linear model helps students to write equations whose form is consistent with their thinking.

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Math, standard form of an equation, slope intercept form, guided notes, Exit Slip, linear combinations, Mixture Problem, Graphing using x and y intercept method
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