Reflection: Students with Disabilities Motion and Energy Unit Review Game - Section 2: The Review Game


For this game, it's important all students have a chance to participate.  I made sure that the students were able to complete the review sheet ahead of time.  I gave them the exact questions for the review sheet that were a part of the game.  This gave them a chance to review and recall information that they have previously seen and collected.  

By giving them the same questions, this also gave them a chance to write down any additional notes during the game that could help them prepare for the test. Asking the question orally, showing them the question on the SMARTBoard, and seeing the questions again in writing on their sheet, provided all students a chance to catch and review the materials. 

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Motion and Energy Unit Review Game

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT review main concepts and vocabulary terms about the motion and energy unit.

Big Idea: After studying motion and energy for the past few weeks, students need a moment to wrap up their thinking in a unit review game!

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Science, Energy (Physical Science), Motion, Conservation of Energy, Energy Conversion, review, position, mass, Energy, mechanical
  50 minutes
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