Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Energy Conservation - Section 4: Elaborate/Evaluate


For this assessment, I asked the students to write a semi-reflective piece in order to gain insight into what they've learned about energy conservation.  Students in this class have difficulty expressing their thoughts in writing, and for this reason, I made sure to write the question in bite-size chunks that they could digest.  It's clear from the samples, both 1 and 2, that the students understand the energy is never lost or destroyed.  This was made clear to them from the PHET simulation where they visualized an energy pie chart that always amounted to 100%. 

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Energy Conservation

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
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Objective: SWBAT explain that energy is not created or destroyed, but transferred from one form to another through an online simulation.

Big Idea: By making observations, students will compose an argument for why energy is not lost or destroyed based on their observational data.

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