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As the group above worked, I was interested in their debate skills. I realized that I should be reminding them to use the accountable talk stems that we have posted in our room in order to keep a conversation going, rather than just reporting out individual thoughts without making connections. 

Many times, third graders think "discussing" means telling what they think. Our accountable talk stems help students not only share, but respond to each other.  I use this in all areas of our day, but if I don't remind the students, many times during an exciting activity, they forget. 

So, this is a reminder for myself, as well as the reader, to use sentence stems often to help students structure their conversations and get the most out of the activity. 

  Accountable Talk
  Debate: Accountable Talk
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What's the Matter?

Unit 7: Matter
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to identify the 3 states of matter through testing using the 5 senses.

Big Idea: Students are able to name the states of matter, but in this lesson, they will gather information on the properties of the states in order to identify them.

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Science, Data Use and Analysis, states of matter, solids, liquid, gas, 5 senses, matter
  40 minutes
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