Reflection: Co-Teaching Nuclear Research Project: Sophisticated Google Searches - Section 6: Debrief


"Information literacy is one of five essential competencies for a solid job performance" (U.S. Department of Labor Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Report, 1991).

This quote, taken from the Massachusetts School Library Media Program Standards for 21st Century Learning, only scratches the surface of why my collaboration with our librarian is so important. We live in a digital age. In my day, a card catalogue and request forms for paper copies of articles from distant libraries was the norm.

Today, students face a bewildering array of information; there is literally no limit to what they can effortlessly access. And so their challenge is to evaluate and process that information. Too often we see students “just Google it”, and they type a question into the search bar and then accept as fact whatever they read.

In fact, what we would like them to do is spelled out in the Standards: Students are discriminating researchers, habitual readers, and competent, ethical users of ideas and information to construct knowledge. The work we did today is an important step in that direction. Not only do students have to get smarter about how they obtain information, but they also need help and practice with what they do with that information. 

  Information Literacy
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Nuclear Research Project: Sophisticated Google Searches

Unit 9: Nuclear Chemistry
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to target their searches forinformation about nuclear power plants using Google.

Big Idea: Google, and other search engines, can be used in a sophisticated way to increase the quality of search results.

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