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This is my students' first experience with learning about genetics and using the related terminology. I used to teach this unit by introducing terms and having students complete Punnett squares. Many students had difficulty understanding the meaning behind Punnett squares, so they were just putting letters in boxes.  Many of them were very good at putting letters in boxes, but they still really did not understand why. Using this online simulation serves as a model which helps the students better understand the experiments performed by Mendel and the data he collected. In turn, this builds a foundation of knowledge for the development of Punnett squares. The activity also helps students better understand the purpose and function of Punnett squares. 

  Building Background
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Building Background
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Intro to Genetics - Flipped

Unit 4: Genetics
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Objective: SWBAT identify Mendel's contribution to genetics and explain key genetics terminology.

Big Idea: This lesson incorporates the use of a computer simulation to help students identify patterns of complete dominance inheritance.

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