Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Nocturnal vs. Diurnal - Section 2: Guided Practice


During the animal sorting activity, I realized that the learning amongst the students might be better for them if they were able to work with a partner or a group.  As I had them begin sorting on their own, I noticed that the students naturally were talking about ways in which to sort them with one another.  It was fantastic conversation between them as they all had very different ideas of how to sort the animals into groups.  I decided that we should instead have this activity be a partner or a table activity.  While I think sorting them on their own was great too, the opportunity for more conversation and students being able to justify their reasons to one another is powerful in science.  The activity will work either way.  I just have an appreciation for kindergarten students being able to argue a point.

  Independent Sorting
  Discourse and Questioning: Independent Sorting
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Nocturnal vs. Diurnal

Unit 3: Nocturnal Animals
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Objective: Students understand the definitions of a nocturnal animal versus a diurnal animal by sorting animal pictures into two groups.

Big Idea: Students learn that some animals have adapted to be awake in the day and some awake at night.

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Science, Science Skills, compare-and-contrast, Nocturnal, echolocation, animal
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