Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Can You Hear Me Now? - Section 3: Hanging It Up!


Using the Jetson's to get students to appreciate how we can make our dreams into reality through science was so much fun! I loved how they reacted to the clip. When that video conference came up in the end, they just about fell off their chairs in disbelief. I am sure the 1960's is forever ago to them, but it made it all the better when I asked about what the phones of the 1960's were like. They quickly looked in their notes and then I think it all sunk in! If you can dream it, it can exist. 

  Discourse and Questioning: The Jetsons
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Can You Hear Me Now?

Unit 5: Energy
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Objective: Students will discover how the telephone has been engineered over a period of time to enable better and more efficient communciation.

Big Idea: Students learn a little bit about the invention of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, explore old models of telephones and cell phones and explore the possibilities of the future.

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Science, Cell Phones, Sound, Light, light wave, circuit, history, Information Technologies and Instrumentation, Optimizing the Design Solution, telephone, reflection, light energy, eye, kaleidoscope
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