Reflection: Real World Applications Exploring A Real World Application Of Theme - Section 3: Applying Theme To Real World


I feel I should acknowledge the overwhelming liberal-ness of my student population in terms of exploring the nature of stereotyping and the Trayvon Martin case.  Taking this into account helped me decide to use the essay from  I advise all teachers considering this lesson to allow your knowledge of your students and their backgrounds to help you decide if this is a direction in which you feel comfortable going.

  Determining Whether Or Not You Should Go There
  Real World Applications: Determining Whether Or Not You Should Go There
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Exploring A Real World Application Of Theme

Unit 3: House on Mango Street Part II
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Objective: SWBAT explore and discuss an incidence of potential stereotyping in the real world by reading the essay "What Great Writers Can Teach Us About Trayvon Martin" from

Big Idea: Taking a theme off the pages, out of the classroom, and allowing students to explore its implications.

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