Reflection: Exit Tickets Using Inverses to Evaluate - Section 4: Closure


As I looked over today's exit slips most students arrived at the correct answer. The examples show a student that showed the reasoning behind the answer and some of the common errors. 

The second example is a common mistake. Some students are still confused that the ratio is a number not an angle. This misconception comes from students not being precise when they write the ratios (ie sin opp/hyp instead of sin t=opp/hyp, Look at last example to see what students write in their notes). Another issue is that the student is not understanding how the picture is solving the arccos(-3/5) so you have information about the angle you need the ratio. It would probably help to have the student use theta for the angle, label the angle in the diagram then write sin (theta) before answering the question.

The third example, shows that the student is not understanding how to label the triangle on the coordinate plane. I am not sure which angle the student is using so the student may have labelled the opposite side as -3 instead of the adjacent side. Again begin precise would help with understanding.

The last example again is not clear and the student did not finish the entire question. You can see the student knows the ratios but I would say the student is not sure what to do once the sides of the triangle are found. I am also not sure which angle the student is using which may mean there are other misconceptions.

  Exit Tickets: Exit slip errors
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Using Inverses to Evaluate

Unit 7: Trigonometry as a Real-Valued Functions
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT evaluate compostions involving inverse trigonometric functions.

Big Idea: How can you evaluate cosine when you are given arcsin x without finding the angle?

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Math, inverse trigonometric functions, composition of functions
  35 minutes
evaluating inverse
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