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In today's lesson the students took center stage and showcased their Genetic Disorder research, Google Drive presentations, and improved their public speaking through their small group presentations.  This lesson and the Gallery Walk strategy was a huge success and the students have already requested that we use the same format in future units of study.  The success of this lesson proves that when you take a leap of faith and go outside of your comfort zone, you may find true success that would otherwise remained out of reach!  Students enjoy the ability and freedom to interact with their peers and actively seek out data in the small group settings.  My suggestion is to jump into a Gallery Walk and let your students and their work shine!

  Being A Guide On The Side
  Trust and Respect: Being A Guide On The Side
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Gallery Walk - Genetic Disorder Research Project (Day 3 of 3)

Unit 10: Introduction to Genetics
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT communicate their group research findings regarding their selected genetic disorder using their Google Drive presentation.

Big Idea: Step on up to the gallery walk to learn more about genetic disorders. Students will gain public speaking confidence and genetic wisdom through their participation in today's lesson!

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Genetics, genetic diseases, Google Drive, genetic mutations, genetic disorders, Collaborative Project, Gallery Walk
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genetic disorder lesson
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