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As a self-described science geek, I take my flip camera everywhere to make instructional movies for my students. My loving husband agrees to help me out in this venture. We go to Hawaii for the volcanoes and take a long trek to a black sand beach. We hike in rainforests and I drag him to science museums and sites. Although I don't get all the films (I have been very unlucky with snakes. I usually run), I get some good clips. iMovie is my movie editing program and I insert photos, google images, and my film to produce an instructional video for my students.

The impact on learning is amazing. My students see me flying a plane, hiking on a steamy volcano path, and pointing to huge cockroaches. They are amazed at my discoveries and remember the films. My experiences help connect them with the science. Most profound are the student conversations. They ask me about flying, where I am going and what I am doing. They learn from me a love of science and a life of science. 

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Exploring Bernoulli's Principle

Unit 7: Designing for the Future: Wind Turbine Design
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain Bernoulli's Principle can be used to design a air foil/wind blade for a wind turbine.

Big Idea: When designing Wind Turbine blades, students determine how Bernoulli's Principle impacts the design of wind blades.

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