Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Where Do Plants Get The Materials They Need? (Day 1: Gathering Evidence to Support Your Claim) - Section 2: Warm Up


Planning for Poster Creation 

Upon completion of the posters, I quickly learned that I should have provided time for planning what would students would be writing on the posters.  The conversation piece in groups was beneficial in helping to narrow down the item or items they felt are most important, but it did not help them prepare words or phrases to support their choice.  I noticed when listening to conversations that there were some debates taking place with students explaining their reasoning,which was good science discourse and practice of vocabulary.  However, when it came time to create the poster and write some supporting reasons they selected the picture they did, groups could not come up with anything.  They kept saying the plant will die without_________, or plants need______ to survive, but they could not give me reasons why.  

If I were do this lesson again, I would ask groups to divide a whiteboard into four sections.  I would have them label each of the four sections with one of the items.  As they discussed each picture, I would have them record their thoughts on why each is important and then select which they feel is most important.  By doing this, they have already planned out reasons why the one they selected is important, so adding them to the poster will be easier.   

  Planning for Posters
  Adjustments to Practice: Planning for Posters
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Where Do Plants Get The Materials They Need? (Day 1: Gathering Evidence to Support Your Claim)

Unit 3: Transfer of Energy and Matter Through Organisms in an Ecosystem
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Objective: SWBAT support their argument that plants get the energy they need to live and grow from either the sun, air, water, or soil by collecting evidence through multiple experiments.

Big Idea: Students work through the steps of the scientific method to set up and control variables in three experiments. They will collect evidence through these experiments to support their claim that plants get their energy from the sun, water, soil, or air.

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