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Even though I have taught (and written about) all of my lessons, I still take the time to prepare to teach them each year.  

A full week before, I go through the lesson plans and student materials for a week's worth of lessons (ex - if today is Saturday, I am going through the lesson plans that I will use for the school week that starts in 9 days).  I go through the student materials and make sure I am still happy with the level of rigor in each section.  I add in review problems at random points in the student materials, based on what my current students need.  

Two days before I teach a lesson, I print off the student materials and complete all of the problems in the way that I'll expect students to complete the work.  I make note of places where students may have trouble.  I make all of my copies on this day too (I never want to be the victim of 'oh no, all the copy machines in the school are jammed,' and have to scramble!).

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Dividing by Decimals

Unit 1: Number Sense
Lesson 18 of 19

Objective: SWBAT divide a decimal number by a decimal number by multiplying the divisor and dividend by a multiple of ten in order to create an equivalent expression with a whole number divisor

Big Idea: To divide a decimal by a decimal, we make an equivalent expression with a whole number divisor. The easiest way to do this is to multiply the dividend and divisor by powers of ten until the divisor is a whole number.

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Math, Decimals, Number Sense and Operations, division of Korea, factoring polynomial expressions, division, equivalent fractions, dividing with decimals, multiples, distributive property, greatest common factor, least common multiple, multiplying
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