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The children discover without any direction that neither method is really good for the task.  They can barely hold back their excitement and quickly ask if I have another plan.  They know me well by this time of the school year. They are beginning to anticipate my moves.  

The children do not allow me to ask each team what their findings are. They are all telling me, chorally, that neither method worked.  When I probe a bit further, they explain that both methods picked up some oil, but they could tell it was more water than oil.  When I dig deeper and ask how they know this, they explain that when squeezed the cotton and the towel, only water comes out. And they quickly add that they can still see much of the oil on the surface of the water. 

I am excited that they have discovered this.  And more over because I did not lead them through this. They came to the conclusions on their own.  

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Can We Clean the Sea?

Unit 6: Unit 6 - The Waters of the World
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT work together in teams to develop a plan to clean an oil spill.

Big Idea: Oil spills are real disasters that plague our oceans every day. This lesson will offer students a chance to work in teams to develop possible solutions to ways to clean up oil spills.

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