Reflection: Pacing What's Up with the Water Cycle? - Section 3: Introduction to the Water Cycle


My students did not have enough time to complete all the components of this lesson in one hour. I would use the time after the Brainpop Jr. video to develop their poster sketches. This would connect the video definitions to the images that they would create, helping my visual and spatial learners connect with the language.

Then at the next science time, I would introduce the USGS poster and provide time for them to compare their illustrations to the USGS poster. This way they would have a way to check their poster to see that each part of the water cycle was represented clearly in their poster before we move on to the next part of the lesson; labeling the poster and writing definitions.

  Time to Develop a Water Cycle Poster
  Pacing: Time to Develop a Water Cycle Poster
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What's Up with the Water Cycle?

Unit 4: Unit 4 - Surface Water and Landform Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT explain the water cycle, including the terms evaporation, precipitation, and condensation.

Big Idea: Students learn about the water cycle, which will help develop their schema of weathering and erosion in future lessons.

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Science, erosion, landforms, water cycle, water
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