Reflection: Student Ownership Enhancing Our Model of Work - Revisited - Section 3: Examining Possibilities


I think it's important for students to have ownership in any classroom. One way for me to create that is to allow for student ideas to move us forward as opposed to mine. In this lesson, I allow time for students to consider, present, then attempt their solutions to the overestimation of area under our force versus distance graphs. In addition to fostering ownership, students get to demonstrate some of the spirit that is embodied in both the NGSS Science and Engineering practices and the CCSS Math practices . . . being able to model mathematically and to be creative with solving problems. In the following video, I'll look at a few student proposals.

  Creating Opportunities for Student Creativity
  Student Ownership: Creating Opportunities for Student Creativity
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Enhancing Our Model of Work - Revisited

Unit 2: Electrostatics
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: Students will implement methods, developed in a previous class, that will minimize the errors in approximating work done to two charges.

Big Idea: Adjusting our computational model of work in light of new shared ideas is a great science practice!

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