Reflection: Trust and Respect Research Day - Genetic Disorder Group Project (Lesson 1 of 3) - Section 4: Guided Practice - Partner Research


This lesson requires that students work in collaborative groups to research their selected topic.  The only way the student groups will be completely success in their efforts is that each student is willing and able to contribute their fair share of the work load.   In order to accomplish this task it  is critical to develop a classroom culture that empowers each student to have a voice in the classroom so that collaborative projects are a positive learning experience/opportunity for all.  The classroom culture of collaboration is created from day #1 of the course and continues through the end of the semester.  Students know they are accountable to each other and will be able to provide reflections/evaluations of themselves and their group members.  This culture of respect and accountability encourages all students to have a voice and that all students follow through with their responsibilities.

  The Importance of Collaboration
  Trust and Respect: The Importance of Collaboration
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Research Day - Genetic Disorder Group Project (Lesson 1 of 3)

Unit 10: Introduction to Genetics
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT decipher the guidelines of the project description to guide their research and collect data regarding their selected genetic disorder research topic.

Big Idea: Let the research fun begin . . . students will work in collaborative groups to obtain data about various genetic disorders that are caused by chromosomal mutations.

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Research and Technology, Genetics, DNA (Genetics), genetic variation, genetic mutations, genetic disorders, cause and effect
  56 minutes
group research
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