Reflection: Accountability Chord and Tangent Group Challenge - Section 1: Group Challenge: Chord and Tangent Problems


I love doing Group Challenges with students because the participation structure really helps students to understand what is valuable about group work: sticking together so that EVERYONE can meet the learning objectives of the day.  I am always impressed with the level of energy in the room—students ask each other really excellent questions to make sure that each person is prepared to explain how they know to me, the teacher.

One thing I’d like to discuss is how potentially chaotic the room can feel during a Group Challenge.  There are times when it can seem like every group has their hands raised, ready to get “quizzed” on their understanding, which can feel totally overwhelming.  I have managed this feeling by acknowledging the groups ready to be “quizzed,” and asking them to move onto the next level; I then quiz the group once I have a free moment.  In some ways, I don’t like doing this because I have given students permission to move forward without ensuring they have mastered the learning for that level.  However, the reality is that in any given classroom, a teacher can have 6-10 groups who need attention all at once.  I have felt that it’s important to keep up the pace of students’ learning and to ensure that each conversation I have with a group is meaningful and effective. 

  Holding Students Accountable to the Learning While Managing Chaos!
  Accountability: Holding Students Accountable to the Learning While Managing Chaos!
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Chord and Tangent Group Challenge

Unit 9: Discovering and Proving Circles Properties
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to solve problems by applying chord and tangent properties.

Big Idea: By working through a group challenge, students will solve chord and tangent problems and justify their reasoning.

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Math, Geometry, circles, properties of circles, circle constructions
  55 minutes
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