Reflection: Trust and Respect Foundational Circles Vocabulary and Chord Properties - Section 3: Connect Two: Circles Vocabulary


I wanted to hold students’ accountable for making sense of the definitions of our new circles vocabulary.  For this reason, I told students that in the debrief of this activity, I would randomly call on them to share out about a connection they had made.  I instructed them to listen carefully so that each newly called on person would share out a new connection that had not previously been shared.

What was fascinating to me in the debrief of this simple “Connect Two” activity was the way in which hearing about the connections between the vocabulary words helped to unearth misconceptions and develop layers of understanding.  

  Making Meaning and Holding Students’ Accountable
  Trust and Respect: Making Meaning and Holding Students’ Accountable
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Foundational Circles Vocabulary and Chord Properties

Unit 9: Discovering and Proving Circles Properties
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to prove all circles are similar and identify and describe relationships among angles and arcs.

Big Idea: Students will engage in a small group investigation in which they will distinguish between central and inscribed angles.

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Math, Geometry, circles, properties of circles, circle constructions
  65 minutes
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