Reflection: Exhibition Day 1: Creating An Explanation of Projectile Motion - Section 3: Creating A Cohesive Project On Projectile Motion


I value the concept of shared authority as a way to transform students from consumers into facilitators of knowledge and deeper understanding of complex material. With this in mind, I ask students to give feedback on how to make our learning community more productive. 

Students suggested the idea of uninterrupted time where they could have my undivided attention. In order to implement this idea, I used a stopwatch to allot 5 minutes for each lab station. Each table was allowed the same amount of time and had to come to class prepared with questions to answer. If students found themselves with a burning/clarifying question they must ask three peers and then pass me the question on a sticky note so that when I arrive at their station I will answer the question immediately. This teacher move is helpful when students are working independently and helps to add equity within the classroom. 

  Uninterrupted Time
  Uninterrupted Time
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Exhibition Day 1: Creating An Explanation of Projectile Motion

Unit 3: Projectile Motion
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: Students create a poster that demonstrates their understanding of two-dimensional kinematics.

Big Idea: Trigonometry is an important tool for understanding projectile motion.

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Science, Physical Science, velocity (Physics), physics, vector, vector components, Projectile Motion
  75 minutes
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