Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Research Paper: Using Angry Birds to Model Projectile Motion - Section 3: Writing Guide


At first, students note how complex the information in the article appears. Later on in this section, students start identifying content that they are familiar with and begin to appear more comfortable with the text. After students spend some time with the text, I note their comments on my clipboard. Some of the terms that students make connections to are the range, height and percent error table. One student made a comment that, "There are no directions mentioned for velocity". Another student said that,"the velocity should be changing by 9.81 m/s every second, not 9.8 m/s". If you implement this strategy, I recommend finding two or three pieces of informational text with different Lexile levels to provide multiple access points to physics content.


  Creating A Scientific Paper Using a Writing Guide
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Creating A Scientific Paper Using a Writing Guide
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Research Paper: Using Angry Birds to Model Projectile Motion

Unit 3: Projectile Motion
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: Students will begin writing research papers to meet the written component of the performance-based assessment and task graduation requirements for physics.

Big Idea: Analyzing data and synthesizing scientific information from multiple sources about projectile motion into a clearly written paper is an essential skill for learning and practicing physics.

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Science, Physical Science, velocity (Physics), physics, range, Projectile Motion, performance based assessment
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