Reflection: Real World Applications Roller Coaster Inquiry - Section 2: Roller Coaster Discovery: Guided Inquiry


Both the students and I love this activity, but for different reasons. My students love this activity because class seems like all we are doing is playing a game and creating a roller coaster with the simulation. It is fun and although they have some struggles to create a successful roller coaster they keep working because it doesn't seem difficult to them. I love this activity because it gets my students to think like an engineer and to create something where they have to start with a model and then tweak it in different ways until they get a success. This activity allows students to really see how energy affects a roller coaster in a real-world situation about something that actually interests them.

  Playing with roller coasters! Are they really learning?
  Real World Applications: Playing with roller coasters! Are they really learning?
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Roller Coaster Inquiry

Unit 9: Energy
Lesson 4 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to evaluate what sections of a roller coaster have potential energy and kinetic energy and how energy transfers throughout a roller coaster.

Big Idea: To investigate how energy trasnfers throughout a system like a roller coaster.

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