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While completing the dinosaur skeleton, the students were not working collectively. Therefore, a majority of the groups did not complete their dinosaur skeleton successfully. The students were cutting the pipe cleaners into too many pieces. When they realized it, they wanted more pipe cleaners. I let them know that they could not have additional pipe cleaners due to restrictions. I would only provide them with 3 pipe cleaners. In our debriefing, they discussed what went wrong. Most of the groups concluded, they did not communicate effectively and they were trying to create the dinosaur's entire body. We only had one dinosaur skeleton that was successfully made and could stand up.

When I teach this lesson again, I will make sure that students understand that they have to communicate effectively and work together before they start cutting and creating.

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Dinosaur Skeletons

Unit 6: Earth's Resources
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Objective: SWBAT to construct a model of a dinosaur skeleton.

Big Idea: How can dinosaurs skeletons help paleontologists learn about dinosaurs?

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