Reflection: Student Self-Assessment All About Fossils - Section 4: Evaluate


My students enjoyed this activity because they had an opportunity to create fossil prints. Also, they liked how their peers had to predict what they created. In listening to the students, they had a difficult time identifying the prints. They used the hand-lens but they did not pay attention to details such as words that were located on the print. When we discussed the prints, the students were shocked that they did not notice very fine details. This activity was beneficial because it led students to infer about the object that left the print. Students could make a more personal connection about how paleontologist have to work in order to infer about which objects or creatures left behind a particular print.

  Understanding Fossil Prints
  Student Self-Assessment: Understanding Fossil Prints
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All About Fossils

Unit 6: Earth's Resources
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explain what fossils are and how they are formed.

Big Idea: How do fossils get their shape?

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