Reflection: Student Ownership Close Reading Review - Section 2: Warm-Up: Student Interest Survey


I’m glad I did the survey for giving students a sense of ownership in their own learning (appropriate since that will be a theme of the unit!), though their interests were not as defined as I was hoping.  The kids took it seriously, and I think they appreciated the fact that I asked.  However, there wasn’t one particular issue that emerged more than others, and in fact since I looked at the data while they worked, I shared how statistics can be used for different arguments; when I added the numbers together, the historical perspectives and lessons from schooling/reasons for certain content were the top vote getters, but 40% chose global perspectives as number one.  So depending on how I look at the statistics, I could make an argument for either.   This information does allow for some pointed differentiation of content, knowing what student interests are so the readings work for all the students.

So it was a good thing to do, and offered some clarification for me, though not quite enough!

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  Student Ownership: Some Insight
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Close Reading Review

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT explain the rhetorical situation and strategies of a text by completing a series of tasks that breaks down this process.

Big Idea: Before entering academic discourse, you should know where writers are coming from.

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