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I was so pleased with the way this activity turned out.  I was really taking a risk because my class is large and I was not sure I would gather the information about their knowledge the way I wanted.  To be honest, I had a paper/pencil assessment ready to go if this flopped.  However, I think it went better than I could imagine.

The students were engaged, debated, revised thinking, clarified concepts, researched, and worked as a team. I was able to listen to, re-teach, assess, and enjoy their learning. 

The next time I do this however, I think I will have small teams move around the room and silently view each skit. Then, i will have them fill out a strip of paper stating what they believe is being acted out. They could then place these slips in an envelop.  After all skits are viewed and individually assessed, we will watch as a class and determine discuss our reasons for our guesses before the final fact is revealed.

I think this way, each student is held more accountable for their learning and I can even better assess their learning. 

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Let's Shed Some Light: An Assessment

Unit 6: Light Energy
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Objective: Students will be able to identify properties of light energy through viewing and interacting with skits created by their peers.

Big Idea: In this lesson, I am paying attention to the way my students assess skits in order to recall information learned in our light energy unit. I will also be able to assess any misconceptions during this unit assessment.

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Science, Light, Energy (Physical Science), making thinking visable, reflection, shadow
  50 minutes
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