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I know that this lesson may seem like play, with very little conceptual work being done.  However, when you stop to think about what the students must understand and do in order to make others identify a fact, you would be surprised at the rigor. 

First, they must understand their group's fact at a depth that they can teach it. Next, they have to be able to identify properties that can be acted out in a way that an audience would understand. Finally, they have to conduct a skit with everyone involved, with all the necessary props.

Also, they must do all of this with no real tangible materials and in about 30 minutes. This is rigorous, fun, and very informative for me as a teacher. 

Can't all learning be fun, even assessments?

  Performance Tasks: How is PLAYING and ASSESSMENT?
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Bring To Light: Preparing for an Assessment

Unit 6: Light Energy
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to identify properties of light energy to produce an informative skit.

Big Idea: Paper and pencil assessments can be boring and less informative than an activity that makes thinking visible. This lesson allows students to be creative while sharing what they know.

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Science, Light, Energy (Physical Science), making thinking visable, creative assessment, reflection, shadow
  35 minutes
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