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Go outside and play in the dirt!”  Wow, how many times do you get permission to do that?!  In this lesson, I wanted to connect the students to the natural world, at it’s most basic.  Soil is- literally- at the very root of all we know about plant life.  We see it, walk on it, touch it every day.  Yet, it’s so easy to take it for granted.  So it led me to the question, “How do I encourage interest and respect so something like soil?”.  With it's effortless connection to the real world, soil collection gives the students a natural buy in.  With it, they are able to see a natural and tangible connection to the material, as well as instant application.  Personally, I absolutely need to see a quick connection to material if I'm to retain it.  Kindergarteners have a similar affinity to visual techniques.  In this case, the students were suddenly eager to learn more about something once they ‘owned’ it- saw, touched, and explored.  This gave credence to the idea that when we give students permission to explore, we also give them permission to stretch their curiosity and find new ways to do things that are everyone.  

  Go Play Outside!
  Real World Applications: Go Play Outside!
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Soil Secrets - Collection Time!

Unit 8: Guardians of the Ground
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to explain what geologist study by collecting soil samples outside.

Big Idea: How is soil connected to the earth?

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Science, Science Skills, Vocabulary and Concept Development, nature, soil, compost, ground
  40 minutes
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