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There is extensive research that shows a direct correlation between student achievement and parent support.  As an educator I can provide simple tools to help bridge the gap between the home and school.  Some tools that I use are monthly newsletters, email, parent volunteers, Take Home Bags, weekly homework, Take Home Books and a classroom website.  Our school provides families and students with weekly assemblies that are focused on celebrating all students with teacher-given awards (all students are recognized throughout the year), school awards that come from specialists, teachers, support staff or administration. 

For this unit I have organized two "take-home bags" that hold supplies to help families study the moon and the sunsets at home.  The children bring these bags back to school and share their findings and we record their results on our Sunset Calendar and Moon Calendar. This unit will take a little over a month to teach so I begin sending home both bags at the start of the unit so all children will have a turn before the unit concludes.

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Where am I?

Unit 3: Unit 3: Celetial Patterns: The Sun, The Moon and Stars
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Objective: SWBAT identify their city/town, state, country, continent, the earth and solar system in order to visualize where they are in this world.

Big Idea: Let's launch into studying the solar system! This lesson allows students to identify where they are in this world - Earth.

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