Reflection: Performance Tasks Acting It Out-Showing What We Know About Hibernation - Section 2: Assessment Activity


I was looking for a fun way to assess my students level of understanding about the concept hibernation.  My Master Teacher coach, had told me how she had students act out information as a form of assessment, so I decided to give it a try.  Things did not go exactly according to plan.  


The students were VERY excited about the task.  This excitement started when the task was introduced and kept going through the preparation and presentation.  As I visited with each group during the preparation of the skit, it was amazing to see how much the students learned about hibernation.  When they were working as a group and were not in front of the class, they were very comfortable sharing their knowledge.  They showed a depth of understanding that really surprised me.  I wish I had turned the video camera on during this preparation time.  I would have been able to document just how in depth their knowledge level was.  I did take notes on the students contributions and understanding during this time, so I had that information for my assessment data. 


Once the students started to present their information, it was obvious that they had a small case of stage fright.  They did not speak up the way they did during their preparation.  Sometimes, they just froze and didn't do anything!  This is a really important reminder that as teachers, we need to be observing our students at all times to learn what they really know on a topic.  If I had sat down at my desk during their preparation, I would not have realized the great information that my students possessed about hibernation.  Next time, the cameras will be rolling during the rehearsal session or maybe it would be better to film the students outside of the classroom and watch the video as a group afterwards.


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Acting It Out-Showing What We Know About Hibernation

Unit 5: Groundhog Day Mini Unit
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of hibernation by acting out the hibernation of different animals.

Big Idea: Students will have fun hitting the stage and acting out the important aspects of animal hibernation for their friends in this quick assessment lesson.

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