Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Interpreting Live Data - Section 2: Engagement


The three website students are interpreting data from can be pretty overwhelming.  There are many different settings to change, and views to configure, and my students don't have a really strong sense of geographic space anyway.  For instance, most of my 3rd graders didn't know what continent Japan was on.  Breaking this task into smaller, more manageable pieces would have been helped many of my students who have a hard time with stamina.

I block out science into long periods every other day so that my students have time to complete labs, but on a lesson like this, taking one day for each map would have been a more manageable chunk.  The questions are not really all that complicated, but I just had to keep circulating and moving them along, or else many would just sit there spinning the virtual globe.

  Grappling with Complexity: Chunking
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Interpreting Live Data

Unit 4: Earth Science
Lesson 15 of 18

Objective: SWBAT interpret real time data regarding geological events.

Big Idea: How can you interpret live geological data?

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