Reflection: Checks for Understanding Catching the Wave! - Section 3: Using Our Drawings to Understand


I wanted to just share these few good photos to explain that there is a lot of joy in doing this. Not only did their drawings come out clearly, it served as a medium for further learning in the next steps. In Sample 1, we can see how the student labeled the time and drew the waves clearly. Sample 2 and Sample 3 simply show happy faces and other samples of different teams drawings of waves. It was a lot of fun and there was more learning ahead as we discover the names of the parts of these shallow waves. 

  Checks for Understanding: A Few Samples Up Close
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Catching the Wave!

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students learn the meaning of amplitude, crests and troughs.

Big Idea: Students use their videos from Pop Bottle Waves & Hair Dryer Ripples to catch a wave, draw it, define its shape and find out what amplitude means.

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Science, Waves, amplitude, Sound, Drawing, Sounds Waves, Crest, troughs, hands on, looking for patterns, engineering
  50 minutes
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