Reflection: Intervention and Extension Increasing, Decreasing, or Constant? - Section 3: Independent Practice


In the video below, I model the feedback that I provided to my students as we discussed the Independent Practice.  

Today, I showed my students an example of a constant function on a speed-time graph compared to a distance-time graph. I used this comparison to address misconceptions that my students may have about the constant function on either of these graphs.  I also used the increasing, decreasing, and constant intervals to discuss interval notation. Since my students were genuinely interested in these graphs, I took advantage of the opportunity to introduce the idea of local maximums and local minimums within an interval.

  Intervention and Extension: Discussing the Piecewise Functions
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Increasing, Decreasing, or Constant?

Unit 3: Linear Functions
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Objective: SWBAT identify the initial value and the increasing, decreasing, or constant intervals from a graph or situations.

Big Idea: Students can identify the initial value when the input is 0, and determine the output and the slope of the line from a table, graph, and words.

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modeling, Math, constant rate of change, partners, y=mx + b, increasing intervals, decreasing intervals, Increasing and decreasing situations, constant functions, constant intervals, local maximum, local minimum
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distance and speed graph
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