Reflection: Coherence Catching the Wave! - Section 1: The Quest


One teaching challenge is making vocabulary meaningful and finding ways to help students "discover" meaning rather than define. To me, while I love different graphic organizers to help them, it made more sense this time for them to discover what amplitude, wave length, trough and crests mean through their own observations and drawings. In the past, I had just handed them lessons with drawings and had them memorize the vocabulary through the drawings. Well, not this time! This time it would be NGSS style...discovering it through experience!

  Coherence: Discovering Vocabulary Differently
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Catching the Wave!

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students learn the meaning of amplitude, crests and troughs.

Big Idea: Students use their videos from Pop Bottle Waves & Hair Dryer Ripples to catch a wave, draw it, define its shape and find out what amplitude means.

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Science, Waves, amplitude, Sound, Drawing, Sounds Waves, Crest, troughs, hands on, looking for patterns, engineering
  50 minutes
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