Reflection: Student Ownership Classroom Math Tools - Section 2: Exploring Math Tools


Don't let the idea of having the children explore frighten you. Yes, it will be a bit noisy and yes, it may not be exactly what you have planned, but step back. Don't be afraid to give some of the control over to students during this lesson. Trust them. Exploration is a way for children to learn. You don't want the children to abuse the materials, but you may find that they are exploring such things as patterns, relationships and their own concept of larger and smaller numbers, how shapes are related, etc.

Set the guidelines for appropriate use, give some suggestions and then let children explore within your limits. You will be amazed at some of the things students will create, and some of the things they will share with you as they explore. 

  Don't Be Afraid of Exploration
  Student Ownership: Don't Be Afraid of Exploration
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Classroom Math Tools

Unit 1: What and Where is Math?
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use mathematical tools correctly, including ruler, template, dominos, base 10 blocks, and snap blocks.

Big Idea: Students should develop an awareness of and correctly use the classroom tools that are available to assist them with their mathematical learning.

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Math, Measurement, Measurement and Methods, math journal, Math Tools, ruler, base ten
  65 minutes
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