Reflection: Rigor Designing a Melting Device Lab - Section 3: Elaborate


To improve this lab in future years I will do a better job of having students present to the class their rationale for making their devices.

- Next year many of my students will have IPads so I plan on having each group make a quick video to explain their device.  Then I will have them come up to the front and show their movie to the class.

- As another option I was thinking that I could have done a gallery walk where students walk around and check out each other's devices before they put the ice cube in and then all do the ice cube together.

  Lab Revisions- Improvement of Analysis
  Rigor: Lab Revisions- Improvement of Analysis
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Designing a Melting Device Lab

Unit 5: Unit 6: Energy
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to design, build, and test a device to best melt an ice cube.

Big Idea: The heat capacity of a substance can be used to engineer a melting device.

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Science, Chemistry, Exothermic Reactions, heat capacity, engineering, heat, temperature, specific heat
  65 minutes
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