Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Battle Royale: Mitosis vs. Meiosis - Section 4: Independent Practice - The Battle Begins


Students will only practice what they are required to do, so it is crucial that we encourage our students to write across the disciplines.  Students need the reinforcement of their English Language Arts standards in all content areas in order to perfect their skills.  This lesson provides students the opportunity to incorporate information from two previous lessons, decipher the data, and then develop a conclusion by making a scientific claim and providing supporting evidence to support the claim.  This lesson did not have a "correct" response, so students were afforded the freedom to analyze the data and create their own reasonable conclusion.  The true assessment of this assignment was in the students' ability to convey the scientific data and their rationale through their writing.

My suggestion is to have fun this year by getting to know your students all over again through their writing samples!

  The Importance of Writing
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The Importance of Writing
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Battle Royale: Mitosis vs. Meiosis

Unit 6: Cell Division
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT make a claim to which cellular division process is most important and provide evidence that explains the details of mitosis and meiosis.

Big Idea: In the big cellular process showdown, students will compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis to determine which will reign supreme!

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Science, Biology / Life Science, mitosis, meiosis, gametes, Genetic Diversity, Cells and Cellular Processes, compare and contrast, cell division, genetic variation, somatic cells, sex cells
  56 minutes
battle royale lesson
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