Reflection: Complex Tasks (Day 2) Air Really Does Matter - Section 5: Evaluate/Exit


Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning

I selected the claim, evidence, and reasoning graphic organizer for students so they can generate a well structured explanation on why air is matter.  By incorporating evidence from their experience in stations from the previous day, students learn to develop a quality claim statement with evidence based explanations.  

This graphic organizer helps students compose an evidence based claim about how air is a form of matter even though it cannot be seen. They use it to organize their observations from their investigation so they can use them as evidence when writing their explanation and developing their reasons.  The layout of this organizer guides them through each phase of developing an explanation. I find this format is especially beneficial for English language learners and special education students over just a question asking them to construct an explanation because it breaks the process down and does not overwhelm them.

For the most part, I found this helped my students organize their thoughts to write a claim that was supported by evidence based data. This is an ongoing skill they continue to work on.  I try to incorporate this kind of organizer or parts of it in a variety of lessons. The exposure and practice they have with kind of writing will set them up for developing quality explanations.



  Complex Tasks: Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning
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(Day 2) Air Really Does Matter

Unit 2: Structure, Function, and Properties of Matter
Lesson 5 of 19

Objective: SWBAT write a claim statement with evidence that air is a form of matter.

Big Idea: Students apply their understanding of how air is matter by designing (or redesigning) a product that incorporates air as its main feature.

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