Reflection: Classroom Setup Dark Day in the Deep Sea: Day Four of Five Rescue! - Section 2: Flip Book Share!


My students tend to get bored if we do the same thing over and over again, so I try to be one step ahead of them!  I notice that they're getting restless with the way we have been sharing our flip book entries, so today I changed it up!  I had the students play musical chairs and head to a different seat by counting down from ten.  Then I had them share with the new students around them.  There was lots of excitement, asking and answering of questions, and character traits flying around the room!

  Ways to Mix-up Your Share
  Classroom Setup: Ways to Mix-up Your Share
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Dark Day in the Deep Sea: Day Four of Five Rescue!

Unit 2: Ocean Inspired Unit
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer relevant questions from the text to show their understanding. SWBAT identify character traits and emotions, giving evidence from the text to support their choice.

Big Idea: Ahoy! The seas are getting quite rough as your crew reads chapter seven and eight in Dark Day in the Deep Sea. They'll continue navigating their skills of asking and answering questions and character traits in their flip book.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, character trait, character emotion, Reading, character action, feeling, Grammar and Mechanics, technology in education, sentence structure, Nonfiction (Reading), third grade, evidence, speaking, listening, fantasy, sea, grade 3, write, grade three, flip book, Dark Day in the Deep Sea, Mary Pope Osborne, ask, answer, octopus, questioning, emotion, discussions, dialogue, trait, close reading, smart board, read closely
  60 minutes
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